Thursday, 4 August 2011

Lana Del Ray Video Games - Jack Kerouac On the Road

Is everyone enjoying Lana Del Rey as much as I have been?

I've been reading some Jack Kerouac recently, mainly because Alex Turner put On the Road down as his favourite book on an NME interview a few weeks ago. Lana Del Rey's Video Games is based only in one city, LA, but I like a continuitive theme through reading and listening. I haven't finished On the Road, but LA is where Sal meets Terry. They have fantastic adventures.
Lana's view and the view of the LA that I have in my head from Sal Paradise make a wonderful juxtaposition.
On a separate point, over the last few days, I keep seeing the term 'beat' used, which must have originated from Kerouac's 'Beat Generation'. Whilst I don't pretend to be anything other than an average Londoner, it does does make me wonder what TfL are on about when they put up adverts saying 'If you're reading this, you're on our beat'.