Thursday, 27 May 2010

Elephant Parade 2010

If you’ve been anywhere near London in the past month then its very likely that you’ve seen an elephant or two lurking near a famous spot. I’ve become a little obsessed with them and have taken photos of them wherever I spy them and have kicked myself when I see one and I am cameraless. As a general rule I don’t like taking photos in public in London hence why a couple of the following photos look like they've been taken whilst on the move – it makes me feel like an embarrassing tourist when I’m not. But these elephants have left me shameless.

Here are my snapshots:

Numero Uno is Doors by Hatchadapol Mucannoo.

This one is at Duke of York Square, is called Elephant in the Room and is by Anna Masters. And that's Emma.

This is the first of two at Sloane Square. Josephine by Patrice Moor.

This is Kingdom by Rebecca Campbell.

This was at night time after a gig I went to see so is a bit slap dash. Gives you an idea of Benjawin Sang-Gnernchai's Daisies though.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Louis Vuitton Opening New Bond Street (amongst other things)

Where do you put a red carpet brimming with some decent celebrities and a couple of slebs? In the new Louis Vuitton Maison bien sûr!! Which, apparently, rivals the flagship on the Champs Elysée; the architect Peter Marino worked on both projects.

Features of the 1500 sq m store are as follows:

The ground level is entirely accessories. Acting as backdrop to these are original artworks by artists who have collaborated with Marc Jacobs (Louis Vuitton Creative Director of 12 years) in the past. Names on the wall here include Richard Prince and Takashi Murakami.

The lower level is devoted to menswear and can be reached via an LED glass staircase.

Onwards and upwards leads to the womenswear and shoes. Here is yet another sight to behold and investigate. Artists Chris Ofili, Gary Hume and Anish Kapoor have been selected to create bespoke commissions to adorn the walls. The Librairie - also situated on the first floor – will house the most admired British contemporary art books and some bespoke pieces for sale for up to £3000.

The second floor, in case you were wondering, is only accessible to those with an invitation. Private Client Suite. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

Somewhere amongst this incredible structure is included a two storey wall made from trunks. Thinking about it, they’re probably those beautiful old Louis travelling trunks and maybe not vertical tree trunks as I originally imagined. Idiot.

The theme of the store is the mood of 21st century London (obviously not keeping in mind the impoverished, recession-ridden Londoners amongst us) to bring together innovation, heritage and fashion which, CEO Carcelle says ‘are all values that are important to Louis Vuitton’.

A quote from Marc Jacobs on the night runs as follows:

"Clearly it's gross if you carry on spending in an insensitive way when people are being laid off or having a hard time. On the other hand, wanting to shop and experience the finer things in life are both natural instincts… The question is how to indulge those impulses in a way that's sensitive to others and doesn't ultimately ruin the experience by leaving you feeling guilty."

I do agree to a certain extent. Hundreds of surveys have been carried revealing thousands of statistics showing that the great British public has been being super careful with their spending sprees. The general consensus is that the average shopper (and I include myself in this bracket) don’t want to go to Primarni and spend say £80 on a lot of very cheaply made clothes that will inevitably be threadbare within a week. Instead, people will go up a price bracket from their normal budget and buy a beautifully made, much better quality piece that will last not only over time and wear but also carry through seasons.

This is another point about how we have changed to acclimatise to our economic surroundings. The two issues are very closely linked. The shopper buying the piece that will last, may well also be in the bracket of ‘Fashion Girl’ or, if we’re being crude, ‘Internet Knowledge Whore’. Ie people who spend their days researching the newest collections from designers as well as any other scrap of knowledge that they may come across.

This issue must be a complete nightmare for designers who have stuck to the schedule of SS/AW for decades. Fashion Girls with their infinite internet knowledge have everything they need so accessibly at their typist fingertips. Then they go and post on their blogs (ahem) for the rest of the consumers to pick up. This is what the fashion houses have to overcome.

It’s not good enough now for them to manufacture flimsy trend based collections that can only last a few weeks because people are much more likely to spend the cash on a staple dress or jacket that will see them through a couple of years. Take the Burberry Jacket or the Alexa Mulberry that could take over the world given the right iPhone app judging by the clamorous following they’ve gathered. A 9000 person strong waiting list is currently in circulation for that stunning Alexa and Burberry controversially created a facility for their AW show earlier this year where the pieces were available to buy straight off the catwalk causing the obsession with the sheepskin jacket.

These pieces are going down a storm because they are very beautiful with gorgeous design, are hopefully manufactured to the same standard and are reasonably basic. The basic element to this nods towards how hopefully these pieces will be accepted in fashion circles for longer than a month.

Now follows a small selection of loads of images of beautiful people that I swiped from the Vogue site as well as why they made my selection. (Apart from the fact that they obviously frequent Louis Vuitton flagship Maisons.)

Speak of the devil - Alexa thought she'd pop in.

Bill Nighy and James Purefoy - because I met James Purefoy when I was thirteen and fancied him a Lot.

Catherine Deneuve because I love her and think she's probably one of the most beautiful women as well as an incredible actress.

Dominic Cooper - because who wouldn't? Though doesn't look that hot in this shot.

Gemma Arterton - because I recently heard an interview and I think we should be friends.

Gwynnie and Elle - because they look great and I enjoy GOOP quite a lot.

Kirsten Dunst - because, how amazing does her hair look?!

And Paloma Faith because she manages to be absolutely everywhere at once and someone should give her some credit for efforts. Not looking as eccentric as usual the lampshade.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Graduate Fashion Week

I’m excited about this one. Whilst London Fashion Week is mostly for the well established designer to showcase his or her latest genius, GFW is debatably more exciting. Running since 1991, it holds shows from all the up-and-comingers from 61 universities up and down the country so if you have an eye for it, you’ll be picking out the designers of the future as they saunter down the runway for the first time.

Matthew Williamson, Christopher Bailey and Stella McCartney have all shown at Graduate Fashion Week. River Island have sponsored the event for the last six years. The graduate who is crowned GFW ruler wins £20,000 to kick start their label; some of the key pieces from their collection are also put into the limited edition section of the River Island flagship on Oxford Street. The prestigious Gold award for Womenswear was won by Myrto Stamou last year.

The event aims to promote the talent of BA Graduates and is a progression from the Smirnoff UK Fashion Awards that used to be held annually in the 80’s. The event has had a tough time with sponsorship in the past and at times, it was left to the participating colleges and universities to pay their way forward. Thank God for tuition fees. The Heads overcame the problem by registering the event as an educational charity in 1994.

GFW takes place at Earls Court on the 6th to the 10th of June, click here to see details of ticket prices and dates.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop (again)

She's baaack and I'm so excited. I think the last round of Kate Mossness was those lovely pretty jimjams, brilliant idea. I've only seen the video that Topshop have put on their blog so far but I'm sure it will be full of shine, sheer and hopefully injecting a bit more of Kate's own hard edge that made her personal style so famous. Considering this collection would have been designed nearly a year ago and the world and their pre-season bolero have intimate internet access now, it must be so hard to produce something of note. Especially for a high street brand that has to be affordable and not too out there for likes of the normal folk.

So, that video again:

Thursday, 13 May 2010

More Alexander Wang

These just jumped very comfortably into my inbox. Sharing is caring after all and seemed to want to be put up after yesterday's post.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Alexander Wang Comfort Fashion

God bless Alexander Wang - he has unashamedly pinched trackies and planted them on the catwalk. Everyone loves something with a waistband that welcomes more than a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Definitely can't get away with anything but heels here though, much like hareems, but you can't have it all. I think men are a bit scared of women in hareems and it is tricky to make them into something that you'd go out in. These joggers though (if people are brave enough to venture out of the house in them) are surely a progression from hareems and primarily tapered trousers. They're not quite as loose and unfeminine but definitely need some killer heels for a fierce look. I'm sure they'll be in Primarni shortly.

I quite fancy these Topshop sandals with 'em.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Human Centipede

This is taking over the internet. Beware - not for the faint hearted. I'm judging myself a little that I am actually posting this. Seriously sick minded stuff.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Kafka on the Shore

This is my friend Biu and his latest musical venture and it is truly brilliant. Enjoy.

<a href="">Everybody's Favourite Selkie by Kafka On The Shore</a>

Please download his album here. ITS FREE!!

Monday, 3 May 2010


I have been going through the artists that I haven't heard of who are performing at the festivals I'm going to this year. Weirdly enough I'd just looked these guys up yesterday because they were in the Times Culture magazine.

I bet they'll be massive after a full summer of festivaling. I like them a lot - a bit Kings of Leon but more Scottish. I don't think they take themselves too seriously - I'd be upset if they did and really their whole image is amusing. Jesus lookalike x2 plus slightly Axel Rose inspired skinny jean and headband carrier plus lovely blonde chap who, in my very humble opinion, can'y quite get away with the Kurt Cobain hair. But high five to the music chaps - I'm super excited to see them at Latitude.

Oh and here's a link where if you sign up for their newsletter, you get a free download.