Thursday, 27 May 2010

Elephant Parade 2010

If you’ve been anywhere near London in the past month then its very likely that you’ve seen an elephant or two lurking near a famous spot. I’ve become a little obsessed with them and have taken photos of them wherever I spy them and have kicked myself when I see one and I am cameraless. As a general rule I don’t like taking photos in public in London hence why a couple of the following photos look like they've been taken whilst on the move – it makes me feel like an embarrassing tourist when I’m not. But these elephants have left me shameless.

Here are my snapshots:

Numero Uno is Doors by Hatchadapol Mucannoo.

This one is at Duke of York Square, is called Elephant in the Room and is by Anna Masters. And that's Emma.

This is the first of two at Sloane Square. Josephine by Patrice Moor.

This is Kingdom by Rebecca Campbell.

This was at night time after a gig I went to see so is a bit slap dash. Gives you an idea of Benjawin Sang-Gnernchai's Daisies though.

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