Thursday, 26 August 2010

Octopus Rooftop Pool Hayward Gallery

It’s a funny season summer. To be honest you’d think that people might get bored of talking about the weather, or bored about talking about how much we talk about the weather. But no, never us Brits. We’re always to hot or too cold, too wet, too dry, never happy unless we’re talking about how we could be happier.

To round up to my point, what do you think of this weather?! There are still lots of things going round in the city which have high hopes of sunshine and could not be held in winter time, but only the Great British Public would spend £11 on a ticket to an exhibition and head to a rooftop pool with overhanging clouds and dubiously heavy rain.

Nevertheless, I really quite fancy it. Perched atop the Hayward Gallery, sits an octopus shaped pool at the heart of the Ernesto Neto exhibition. The £11 gets you into the exhibition but if you feel the sudden urge to jump in a pool you will have to pre-book by calling 0844 847 9910. The exhibition lasts until 5th September.

Why not?

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