Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Very True London Word

I am subscribed to The London Word, a lovely blog with lots of articles about reviews of things in London. A post flashed up today whacking the nail on the head exactly for me and countless others, I'm sure. It's all about how living in London, you feel this irrational urge to read every single book ever written, dance at every gig ever played, ponder every exhibiton in every museum and just generally aspire to be the most cultured person on the planet. The point, made very well by Paul McGhie, is that if we're running all over London sucking up as much culture juice as possible, there's no time left to enjoy anything, which was probably the object of the excercise in the first place.

Below is a list, that I have unashamedly swiped straight from his article, of suggestions of things to do to help us all out and discover what you really enjoy.

  • Make a list of the things in your life that give you the most pleasure – be it gardening, modern art or spending time with your family – and focus more of your time on that
  • Learn that you don’t have to be doing something all the time. Book a night in your diary every week just for you, when you don’t go out but go home and spend some quality time alone, doing nothing
  • Keep a thank you diary, where you note down the positive things that happened to you each day
  • Discover something new about the area where you live. You might realise that you don’t have to venture as far to experience the hidden gems of London as you might think.

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