Saturday, 19 November 2011

Lianne La Havas & Willy Mason - No Room For Doubt

Lianne La Havas and Willy Mason.
Yeah, Willy Mason! Perhaps I'm pedestrian but Where Humans Eat was my first and last Willy Mason experience, at the tender age of 16, until this Lianne La Havas true gem. True diamond.

I'm listening to Oxygen as I type, it really is worth all the hype that it had in its day.

Willy Mason - "Oxygen"

I'm a Big advocate for the free download of a gig in LA of Lianne's, it's personable and really really good. from here:

And on a footnote, on the subject of the lyric 'pieces of me', do you think they were aware of the reminder it would bring to their listeners of Britney or Ashley Simpson? I hope so.

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