Thursday, 8 July 2010

I Blame Coco Playwright Fate

I did say yesterday that I thought Quicker would be my favourite song that could well appear on the album The Constant but I think I like Playwright Fate EEven more. Thats how fickle I am. Just give me some new music and I will inevitably love it. It also looks spookily like the club venue I was at two weeks ago Shunt under London Bridge (bloody brilliant by the way) and I am hideously embarrassed that I am putting these onto the Internet myself but only as a point of comparison, I swear. And, its only the tame ones.

Again, either no one has put a good version on Youtube or I'm just too technically retarded to find it (very likely the latter) but I just found another site so if you are reading this then please click this link to hear Playwright Fate by I Blame Coco. It's immense.

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