Tuesday, 6 July 2010


So I've been meaning to post about myPad for a while now and the reasoni haven't is just because I don't really know where to start. Not the strongest opening sentence, i'll agree. Now I have the controvertial mix of my BlackBerry as well as the iPad, which I do have to admit is not particularly ideal. I don't have the experience of the iPhone to launch me into what I assumed would be the complete amazement of the Pad.
I must say that although have enjoyed it thus far, I do feel very novice still. It's amazing, dint get me wrong, I think it really is a beautiful thing and a massively clever thing to think so much out the box but still I'm not sure what Mac are trying to get at. I know people have been completely slaughtered for suggesting that it's just a big iPhone and I can see why, the 'experience' is completely different, the screen is incredible and these of use is so well thought out, but the are things that even I can say it is obviously lacking. The big one is a camera, it really feels like it wants one. Other things that I don't like about it are that you can't have tabs open just a load of different pages, I do sort of understand why because it would get crowded but it's just because I'm a tab overloader on my laptop, I like to have loads open and see what's there so I can come back to it later. The other feature that I dislike is the separation of all the iPod features. There is an iPod button on the home screen but then also different ones for the videos, iTunes and App store. Obviously I'm just being slow but I still click on iTunes nearly every time I want to go to my music. I haven't got to the stage where I've gone app crazy yet, though have got a couple cool ones. I love coloursplash and tweet flow is great but I went for Kindle instead of sticking with iBooks because it's much much easier to find free books on the Amazon equivalent to the on screen reader. Downside is that kindle is Linked to the American Amazon site so I haven't worked out how to get the benefits of all the books I've bought off the uk shop.
Having said that, rant over, I am sitting outside on a gloriously sunny London evening with miPad on my lap having watched two episodes of Boosh last night and my music has been on full throttle for the last fifteen minutes and I've got 88% battery left. I think that is rather impressive. I feel like a geek carrying it round with me and I would have an aversion to reading on screen books in public transport. It's a little too accepting of the Internet age for my liking.
I need to get used to it and I'm very much looking forward to the day that I feel that I am.

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