Friday, 2 July 2010

Great Little Place Event

I've spoken about these lovely folk before, on Heather Loves Jelly and on the Handpicked Collection of Gifts Blog. Great Little Place find lovely little places all in and around London to go to eat, to play or pogo stick if you so desire. They are holding their first event of sorts on Thursday 8th July and it should be a lovely spectacle and a nice place to meet some nice people. The tickets cost a fiver (you can get them here) and there are only 50 of 'em so they'll probably be gone pretty shortly.
It's being held at a Three Blind Mice on Ravey Street (map it out here),it's smack in the middle of Old Street and Shoreditch High Street stations - it's a brilliant pub with pints of character and good beer.
GLP people have got some things on their itinerary for the evening, singer and pianist Holly Walker is tipping up, who I've never heard of but they assure me in the newsletter that she's the bees knees. They've got the Youtube video on their homepage.

Here's that ticket link again.
And do follow them on Twitter, @gr8littleplace.

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