Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Great Little Place

Great Little Place is a great little site that started out not that long ago on Facebook. They've very recently (last week or so) banged up a proper website. There are a few kinks in the armour still but it's defo worth a look.

Originally, it was just in London, great for me and the other 8 million who live here, but I assume that someone somewhere must have felt left out so they expanded to include other parts of the country.

What's so lovely about it is that the whole site is made up of viewer input. The idea is that if you find a cool place like a great pub or cosy tearoom then comment or send them an email, they then go check 'em out and publish reviews about the best ones. They also credit the person who gave them the tip. Sharing is caring, drugs are hugs and all that.

This is the link to the newsletter sign up as well.

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