Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mad Milliners and 3D Glasses

I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night and wasn't particularly enthralled. Style over content. I think my favourite thing was the Red Queen's castle. The plot was massively predictable and as a result I felt little empathy for any of the characters. Visually, it's magnificent. The other thing is that it's so violent. I am a complete sucker for the books and to a certain extent the Disney film, both of which are full of lovely jubbly imagery and good old fashioned p's and q's; Tim Burton's version is all a bit dark and angry for me.
Having said that, there is a ridiculous happy clappy dance at the end which I'm sure I have completely missed the wagon on but it really was random.
I think its defo worth an outing to the nearest picture house but not as fun as I was expecting.

Well, at least we can all stop talking about bloody Alice in Wonderland now. Thank God for that.

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