Monday, 8 March 2010

Lucy in Disguise - Lily Allen

I'm super excited for Lily Allen's new take in her career - a fashion line. She has hung up her dancing shoes for some office courts and is currently sourcing hoards of designer dresses to rent out to the public for mere pittance of their worth. She's calling the shop Lucy in Disguise and she's being helped out by her sister. The line of vintage dresses is set to be launched at Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Goodwood Festival (pretty excited about this too!).

A great idea, yes, but admittedly not an original one. The clever people at Girl Meets Dress have been going for a while; they've been on the radar since they popped up in the London Paper last year.

Lily Allen has kept the rest of the details under wraps and that’s fine by me; as long as she injects some of her own style into her stock. I am a slight Lily obsessive. Having had a good needed bump in the direction of a new stylist in 2006, she went from flouncy prom dresses, Nikes and astronaut helmets to Karl Lagerfield, all the Chanel that goes with it and well a respected fashion following of her own.

This is a recent picture (below) of her at the launch of Wayne Hemingway’s Vintage Goodwood Festival where Lily will showcase her new range this summer.

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