Thursday, 25 March 2010

Hi! Sushi

SO I went out for dinner last night to Hi Sushi on Frith Street in Soho with a friend. Feeling that familiar end-of-the-month strapped for cash niggle as I am, I wanted to go somewhere cheap. My friend assured me that it was an all you can eat sushi buffet for under £15. Thought it sounded ok so off we popped. I met her outside and we were shown into a small room, brightly painted with lots of people shouting and waving chopsticks around the place. We went downstairs and were shown to our seats. Now I hate to start on a bad note, but this is honestly my only complaint that I have about the place. It's just that I like chairs, they're easy, comfy and are obviously so abundant because people find them such. So I wasn't much looking forward to sitting in a small space between wall and table which we were sharing with a whole load of people we didn't know. But sit I did and only made a tit of myself when getting up at the end of the meal.
As a general rule I enjoy sitting on the floor, its one of my favourite places in the world, and once I was down there, I had a great night.
So we ticked a whole load of random boxes and they brought us out the corresponding dishes. I love sushi and it was reeeally good sushi. The lovely staff brought out the first plate of food and I was thinking gosh, that is a lot of fish. So we dig into that with our wine and after a California Roll or two had been consumed, another platter was presented to us full of fried calamari, spring roll kind of things, tiger prawns and sweet potato. Yumski. Slightly overwhelmed by the amount of food sitting in front of me I whipped out the Blackbezza and snapped a pretty awful shot. I really must improve my photography if this is going to become a regular occurrence. Despite the hideous photo that you can barely see, I feel it still gives an idea of the gargantuan amount of food:

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