Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Handpicked Collection

Now I must admit the reason I started the blog (other than the fact that really do love Jelly but more on that at a later date) is because I manage the blog at work and I found myself posting more about places that I wanted to go and things that I wanted to see that perhaps weren't as relevant as they could have been to Handpicked Collection.
It seems appropriate though to link to it. There is some interesting stuff on there, most intriguing are the interviews from Handpicked's friends including tips from stylist Lucinda Maydon, recipes from Masterchef winner, tellie chef and owner of Wahaca Thomasina Miers and tips for all sorts from Handpicked's Creative Director and resident Domestic Goddess, Amanda Fox. Not forgetting some ideas from yours truly to fill in the gaps. I feel sort of like I'm cheating on Handpicked Blog with this one so let's show it some love.

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  1. Ooh! Just discovered this. Looking forward to reading more on the other virtual love of your life!