Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

I know it’s a bold statement and I don’t claim to have my facts straight about the rest of the country but these last two days have definitely seen Londoners with a bouncier spring in their step. I’ve shed a layer of clothing and the sky has been as blue as a saxaphone.

I’ve recently halved my wardrobe in honour of the occasion, presenting myself with a top notch occasion to go shopping. The afore mentioned trip to Selfridges gave way to an inevitable trip to the other shops on my way from Marble Arch tube to Oxford Circus. I went to a couple of different places and came out with purple things from each. I have no idea why. The only reason I can think of is the influence from my reading material and adverts around me. It scares me no end how much I can be influenced without realising it. Admittedly, the first purple thing I bought was some lilac nail varnish from Illamasqua in Selfridges and I do remember seeing something similar on an Asos newsletter recently. Others included some lilac skinnies from Uniqlo and a funtassley top from Topshop which I can think of no link to.

Here's the nail varnish, with a wee bit of gold.

But back to the point that I was originally trying to make, if not rather long windedly. (Windedly – I don’t think that’s a real word. Is now. Ha.)

Nails, and I am sure this has been said elsewhere, are the accessory of Spring. Fashion Week (London, obviously; no other FW matters apart from the one in closest proximity) saw WAH Nails with their pop-up shop (who can be quoted to say ‘Square is so over’, just FYI) in Tosho, not to mention the obsession that is Chanel Particulière, there has been a recent post on the Vogue Beauty Blog

referencing Margarita Belska’s Kinetics nail brand and after some very skint research this HOH nail art is pretty hot shit too.

The pastel opaque colours are everywhere.
It does baffle me slightly as to why nail varnish can have women wrestle, scratching and brawling over Chanel counters to get their hands on the latest fad. I’m sure this will be the case in May when Nouvelle Vague graces us with its presence. I suppose it must be down to the R word (recession, bleurgh, a now a cliché in its own right); if you can’t afford the Chanel handbag, get the nail varnish. Hell yeah.

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