Monday, 29 March 2010

Trendy Recession - Ugh.

Not a hugely original idea for a post but still trend reporting just the same. Style magazine yesterday had an interesting article about how the recession has changed people’s minds about mainstream fashion. I can’t remember the wording but it got me thinking. I don’t really like using the word recession and despise ‘Credit Crunch’ even more. Ew gross – far too much of a cliché. It’s like the word ‘trendy’, honestly gives me a shiver of revulsion. The worst one though and I can hardly bring myself to type it – Shabby-Chic. Gross gross gross.

Anyway that’s out the way now, back to the point that Style made yesterday. It is very true that many more people have started to hunt out bargains from all the nooks and crannies of streets from markets to charity shops and then the far flung corners of the web too with so many tiny boutique vintage shops that have discovered, perhaps not a thriving business, but definitely a stable income through their own sourcing and selling onto the customer.

People have always frowned upon Topshop and even more upon Primark and over the last eighteen months or two years, it has become essential that if wearing one piece from mainstream high street it needs to be carefully disguised. Whether hidden behind one-off pieces, your mum’s shell suit jacket from the 80’s, your botfriend's shirt or blazer, charity shop or vintage finds or just whole load of attitude, high street is always one step behind. The rule is that now, if you want to be chic then its all about juxtaposition. These two tie in well. For great one-off things, there's always Beyond Retro and LoveMissDaisy is perfect for lovely vintage things. I found them about a year ago and follow them on Twitter, so happy they were featured in Style yesterday. I really hope they do well out of it. is fabulous. Still a bit beyond my budget but there are stunning discounts off designer gear. The website is celebrating it's first birthday in April, you can register to receive a link to sale where everything is going to £1 in celebration. Click here. I'm excited, as I've mentioned earlier about Lily Allen's new line of vintage clothing.

Moreover, it’s about a well thought out outfit that looks like your whole wardrobe is brimming with beautiful clothes so it takes you no time at all in the morning to pick out something beautiful. Well, that’s what I aspire to anyway. Its not going so hot right now though.

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