Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday - Best Day of the Week

My dad, stepmum and 4 year old brother paid me a visit this weekend. Lovely to see them but unfortunately, they didn't tell me they were coming until Thursday. I had planned a big weekend, a few friends were having a birthday party then I was planning to host a tea party and make lots cupcakes, use my favourite Christmas present, a three tier cakestand, whip out some champagne and get some cucumber sandwiches in the mix. Due to the unexpected presence of the parentals, this was not possible.

Saturday evening and the party went well. Lots of people and a few different venues ensued including gallivanting back and forth over Battersea Bridge. I stayed at my friends' house where they live in Battersea Square.

We all woke up and the Sunday activities began. Cheap breakfast and a pint of lemonade later, headaches were banished and Emily and I made our way back over the blooming bridge to the Trafalgar for the replacement of what I was originally meant to host. We only stayed there for half an hour or so before heading back to Lucy's house on the Fulham Road for chocolate cake and a cosy bed. Here is Lucy, Anna and Emily in Lucy's bed. I would be sitting next to Lucy but reluctantly got up to take the photo.

And the top notch Asda cake...

My dad picked me up shortly after this and we went to The Ship across Wandsworth Bridge which I love, it really is a good pub.

We took the Sunday Times with us. I read, as ever, Style whilst my dad amused himself with the grown-up bits. I didn't really think that people honestly read the Money section. It was the men's issue of Style Magazine but still good. Mainly because Robert Pattinson is on the front cover and did this interview (now on my bedroom wall) but also a good interview with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

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