Sunday, 7 March 2010

It's a Good Sunday

I've just made it home from a friend's house after what one could call a rather heavy night. Great way to sort out a hangover is to walk along the river. I went with a friend on a jaunt through Battersea Park and we sat on a bench in the glorious sunshine that has graced us with its presence today. Then I crossed the river as she went back to Battersea Square and I headed back to my neck of the woods.
As is not only tradition, but a compulsory activity on a Sunday, I bought the Sunday Times. Its the only paper I ever spend money on and have surfaced from many a Saturday night in my pyjamas and gone to buy the paper from the lovely man at the newsagents round the corner. He always looks at me slightly warily but he saves me a copy if I'm running late. If I'm being honest, I only really buy it for the magazines. Sunday Times Style Magazine is my bible and I tend to consume several hours reading that and the Culture for the rest of the week.
So back to the activity of the day; I've got my Style, I've had a bath, put on my pyjamas and The Aristocats. All before 4pm, perfectamundo.
I was extra specially excited to get my hands on todays specific edition of Style because its the swanky big fashion issue. Literally itching to finish reading it. Super duper.

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