Monday, 15 March 2010

The Blind Side

I've managed to land myself tickets to a private screening of The Blind Side tonight. The London Premiere isn't until 23rd March. I'm rather excited.

Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in it as Leigh Anne Tuohy, a role which took John Lee Hancock a year to convince her to take. It's based on the true story of the protagonist Micheal Oher (Qinton Aaron) and Leigh Anne Tuohy. Leigh Anne Tuohy takes in Oher when she finds him after he's been kicked out of home wandering the streets. There's something about football in there too (the American version that has nothing to do with feet, that is) and that's all I really know so far. Watch this space.

There was a lovely interview with her in the Sunday Times Style yesterday where she'd gone back to her normal dark hair. I wasn't really a fan of the blonde in the Blind Side. This one of the pictures from Style yesterday:

And the film:

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