Friday, 2 April 2010


YAY! it's the long weekend! I feel as though I'm on half term from school. I went out in Putney last night and was feeling a little delicate this morning, desperately needed to buy late birthday presents for my sisters so went for a mosey down King's Road. I was reasonably successful in buying things for them; Chanel Nail Varnish and fur gilet etc. I remembered after my trip to John Lewis/Peter Jones that the new Anthropologie shop might be open. They had big boards in front of it for aages. My very good friend was very irritated that they were opening in the UK because she's shopped there for years from America and now she thinks everyone will have her clothes. I'm sure she's right though because it really is the most incredible shop.

I spent a good hour in there this afternoon, I came out having only spent £20 but the interior of the shop is so so beautiful that I really had to go round taking photos of the place. Bad ones, as usual. I started off trying to be sneaky but then in the end I really didn't care and had my Blackberry in full view pointing at the ceiling in the middle of the check out queue. Here are the photos...

Huge range of things in there, clothes, books, jewellery, plates, glasses, bedding...

It's so inventive, really liked this clock painted straight onto the wall..

Gorgeous scene settings.

And the most incredible bits and pieces that someone has obviously put a great deal of time and effort into arranging...

And yeah, check out the bloomin garden!! It's unbelievable.

THE most beautiful styling. Stealing ideas for work, check.

It's huge space with lots of little rooms at the front too like this funny little room, all it had in it were lovely old books all round the wall with some cool lamps and then these bad boys-

Thing is, I don't really know what angle they are trying to take with it. Fair enough that I did spend a decent amount of time in there, more time in fact than I spent in John Lewis/Peter Jones, a massive department store, but I still came out only having spent £20. Which really isn't that much. Another point is that I writing about it now and will definitely be telling my friends so its all getting the word out there. I think they have slightly overwhelmed everyone and some things are a bit expensivo but then also there are some fairly priced products. I'm not mad mad mad about the clothes in there but its more about the shop itself. I'd love to know who came up with it. I suppose what they're trying to do is "create an experience" which they have succeeded at, but I'm just not sure if they've focussed too much on the experience than on the products which they are meant to be selling. Still great fun though. I'll be going back.

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