Thursday, 15 April 2010


I’m going through a bit of a dangerous phase for magazine subscriptions. I can never quite bring myself to subscribe to Vogue because I can buy it anyway and I’d rather do it that way than wait for Royal Mail and pocket money seems more wisely spent in small doses.
POP has just received nearly 24 of my best British Pounds for four issues over a year. Money well spent I think. These ones are a little harder to come by in Sainsbury’s so won’t be tempted to pre-empt Royal Mail in their delivery.

Next on my list is biannual AnOther Magazine. £25 for two is a bit steep I think though. It sounds amazing and I really want it but I’ve got to be a bit careful about spending loads of money. This is the link for subscription. This is the link for AnOther's site; I think this and Pop are in the same boat, maybe the same publishing house.

Then there’s also Volt for £8 an issue. I can’t seem to find it as a running subscription which is a bit irritating but here is the link to the per issue page. I can’t find out how often it runs either but I assume biannually.

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