Tuesday, 6 April 2010


SO I've just signed up with Mflow. Their much used slogan is 'like a cross between iTunes and Twitter'. Admittedly I haven't bought anything from it yet and I haven't sat down to figure out how it all works. At the moment you have to request to join and then they send you a code, mine arrived a couple of days after I requested it.

The idea, as far as I can work out, is that you buy music (for the same price as iTunes) then 'flow' it to your followers if you're cool enough to have any. Incidently, you can also follow other people. Mflow hasn't really taken off just yet, I'm sure it will in the near future though. They've jsut launched an app and I think they are planning on taking away the request step from joining but don't hold me to that. The Radio 1 DJ's are some of the big people of there and to put it in perspective, on Mflow Zane Lowe has 1000 something followers and on Twitter he has 55,000 something followers. Give it a couple of months.

The other good thing is that if you buy music on Mflow then you can transfer it to your iTunes so you don't have to buy it twice and you can have fun new music that you've discovered from your friends on your ipod. Good times.

Gosh, nearly forgot the best bit. If you get lots of followers and become a very popular person (albeit solely on the computer) and your followers buy the music you've flowed them then you get 20% of the money they spend on the song! Wowzers. So, assuming its a song that isn't really popular (because that's the point after all, to discover the undiscovered) then that's 20% of 79p. Nearly a whole 16p!! 15.8p according to my calculator. That's 15.8 red bootlaces or 15.8 flying saucers or 15.8 cola bottles or 15.8 sherbet straws...the possibilities are endless...

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