Friday, 16 April 2010


Last weekend I trekked down to Forest Hill (which by the way is bloody miles away and definitely does not count as London if it includes a train to East Croyden and then anOTHer train to Forest Hill’s delightful station) and picked up and paid for a bike that I found on Gumtree. Here it is, I've decided to call it Marjorie.

I don’t think I got ripped off either which is always a lovely thing to behold. So I hadn’t really got a lot of London cycling experience under my allegorical belt apart from carrying said bike up steps at Forest Hill and transferring at East Croyden and getting to Victoria and cycling home from there. This morning however I decided to tackle the bridge and cycle to work. It was really lovely, cycled up the Embankment and over the bridge and then through Battersea Park.

Perhaps not as glamorous as this though. Wouldn’t say no to a Radley bike or those shoes.

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