Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Bindis for Festivals? or am I going a bit mad?

I quite like these. With Secret Garden Party in mind (it has the brilliant theme of 'Fact or Fiction?') and after going to the Topshop Bandstand event this weekend (forgot my camera - and don't feel it justifies a post without photos of the beautiful event) I've gotten over the initial worries of wardrobe and have firmly now moved onto pondering the extras.

The Topshop event in Regent's Park had little tent dedicated to what I'd call 'Grown Up' face painting. They used beautiful jewels and pretty designs, not full frontal, all over your face bonanzas but tasteful and very cool little ideas. I just came across these bindis on avaa.com that launched in the last couple of days. They might do the job with a bit of help.

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