Tuesday, 29 June 2010

H&M Launch Online in September

So H&M have announced that they will be launching online on the 6th of September. I don’t think I’d ever been on the website before today but I had great fun on their outfit maker...

The leopard dress looked amazing in a big Style feature a couple of weeks ago. It might well end up contributing to my festival wardrobe sooner or later.

It’s so surprising though that all these high street brands haven’t made the transition between shop and online. Working at an online retail company, I suppose I am a bit biased and apparently no one ever makes money out of mail order. But look at Asos – when Nick Robertson released the Christmas sales figures their site usage was up by 112% from the year before.

Topshop seem to have got it right too. I feed my shopping addiction via online channels. Topshop online and Asos are my main weaknesses purely due to their ease of use. Topshop had a bit of a revamp recently and I think the general change is for the better. I do think they need to be a more imaginative with their creativeness though. They are so creative in their styling, direction of models and range of design and designers that they could do with a wee injection of that into their website.

Asos is massively overcrowded and there is a lot of sifting through products to be done – the feature where you can see the clothes on the runway is useful but for some reason I don’t really have great expectations for Asos to be hugely creative. They don’t really need to be either; they’re obviously doing very well as they are, why change it?

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