Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Gatwick Fashion Week

As if there wasn’t enough stress whilst travelling, now beware of Storm Models running hot your heels. Storm Models and London Gatwick Airport (yes, seriously) have launched Gatwick Runway Models search. They planted ‘bespoke model booths’ (fine print = portaloos) in the North and South Terminals to hunt down poor unsuspecting duty free shoppers and change their lives.

The sole reason I am a fan is because Lily Cole is heading up the flock and I think she’s really quite cool.

I’m sure this is most likely due to a recent increase in effort of self presentation recently. I seem to remember travelling used to be about trackies, jumpers and those inexplicable travel socks; now even if I head out of London for the weekend I tend to think about what I’m going to wear a few days in advance. Maybe I’m just vain. There are entire travel sections in Vogue and on websites dedicated to travel wear and how to look super cool when you travel. I do it, the rest of the world does it but why on earth do we bother wearing heels and tailored jackets in a small confined space when, to be honest, we’d all rather be in a onesie?

Is it to mock the silly airhostess in her navy pencil skirt with contrasting neckerchief and silly silly hat? No, probably not.

As ever, if you think it through enough, you can blame everything on the recession.

1. As discussed in a previous entry, people are investing in life long, expensive fashion pieces (for full details, please click here).
2. People are travelling less so a domestic flight between Gatwick and Manchester is now the equivalent to a week in the Caribbean.
3. No one can really afford to travel Club or First anymore but secretly believe that:
a) people may believe that because they are smartly dressed they must be travelling in Club or First.
b) if they dress smartly enough they might get upgraded. Well, you never know, do you?

So come on Lily, give us a real reason to dress up for the airport.

Gatwick Fashion Week runs from August 5-8. Google it. Here's some more info.

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