Monday, 21 June 2010

I Am Arrows

New favourite band alert! Hello I Am Arrows, I can't remember how I came to hear about these chaps a few weeks ago but I downloaded the free single Nun (yes please and thank you) from their homepage and had it on one of my 'preparing for festivals playlists' and it really is brilliant. So that said, it appears below.

The frontman is former Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows. The bands aren't alike at all, Burrows has written the songs and the two bands are in completely different genres. Arrows is very easy listening and nice, relaxed poppy kind of music (i don't do this for a living, excuse my pathetic attempt to describe music). It's a bit like a British version of Maroon 5 except much more talented. I'm enjoying it and i'm definitely excited about seeing them at Secret Garden.

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