Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Blind Side Again

So I went to see The Blind Side last and I really enjoyed it. I won a competition through LoveFilm which got me a pair of tickets to a private screening in the Warner Brothers building near Holborn last night.

I don't really know what I was expecting, on the email that was sent to me, it said I didn't need to bring a ticket as my name was on the list. I thought there would be hundreds of people in a big cinema but I was happy to discover that it was a more intimate affair.

So my friend Sophie and I arrived to friendly Love Film people and a friendly free bar. We chatted to some people and then were shown in to the screening room. It was like a cosy cinema, a very big screen with about 25 or 30 big leather armchairs.

I really enjoyed the film. It's the first time in a while where I haven't been to see a film without hearing a thousand reviews beforehand which usually instill doubt and give me a bad outlook on the film. I was expecting it to be very sad and a bit soppy. Again, my expectations proved to be way off the mark. It was emotive, Sandra Bullock did a great job of portraying the hard exterior and rock of the familiy whilst showing through a huge wealth of emotion that the real Leigh Anne must be made of. Sandra Bullock has proved before that she can do the comedy thing to, and there were some hilarious lines and moods in the film giving it a much lighter image than I had expected.

Defintely worth a trip to Cineworld. Or a subscription to LoveFilm.


  1. Thank you so much for your fab London tips! I had a blast in your fair city! AND I saw blindside on my way over and loveeedddd it...Wept like a baby on the plane and was WAY puffy in the face when I landed, but totally worth it!

  2. Ah I'm glad the tips went down well, glad they were useful!